• Brief 6601/11/2022
    Seeing vertical mergers through a different lens? Implications from EssilorLuxottica / GrandVision
  • Brief #6525/08/2021
    Fuel for thought? Developments in CMA local merger assessment
  • Brief #6428/04/2021
    Surviving the broad axe: The UK class action regime is alive and kicking, but what can the Supreme Court’s judgment in Merricks/Mastercard tell us about the role of economics in class certifications going forward?
  • Brief #6315/03/2021
    Digging in the Scrap Heap! A new theory of adverse buyer power
  • Brief #6203/12/2020
    Economic Lessons from the EU General Court’s Three/O2 Judgment
  • Brief #6128/05/2020
    Lost in the post: where is the as-efficient competitor test after Royal Mail v Ofcom?
  • Brief #6016/10/2019
    Sainsbury’s/Asda and the CMA’s GUPPI decision rule: On the money or basket case?
  • Brief #5901/05/2019
    A question of balance: comments on a proposed new test for UK merger control
  • Brief #5810/12/2018
    Beyond internal documents: the Commission’s recent conglomerate effects practice
  • Brief #5726/11/2018
    Mamma Mia! Mis-using Abba Lerner’s index to measure market power
  • Brief #5623/07/2018
    Pfizer/Flynn vs the CMA: Misdiagnosis of excessive pricing
  • Brief #5512/02/2018
    Automatic Harm to Competition? Pricing algorithms and coordination
  • Brief #5405/07/2017
    An innovative leap into the theoretical abyss: Dow/DuPont and the Commission’s novel theory of harm
  • Brief #5329/03/2017
    Passing judgment on passing-on
  • Brief #5221/06/2016
    Estimating post-merger price effects in bidding markets: lessons from GE/Alstom
  • Brief #5122/03/2016
    Better together? Commission adds a new tune to its repertoire on music rights mergers
  • Brief #5009/10/2015
    The CMA Energy Market Review: a remedy without a cause?
  • Brief #4924/02/2015
    Refining its Tool Kit – The ACCC’s decision to authorise RPM in the Tooltechnic case
  • Brief #4818/12/2014
    The price effect of cost changes: passing through and here to stay
  • Brief #4701/07/2014
    Drink deriving: estimating substitution patterns
  • Brief #4611/03/2014
    Turning Round a Supertanker: the OFT’s abuse of dominance case against CH Jones
  • Brief #4504/11/2013
    Gold Circle/Kenilworth Racing, a case of “horizontal” complements
  • Brief #4426/09/2013
    Where Economists Roam: Syniverse/MACH and contestability
  • Brief #4302/07/2013
    Creditworthy? The OFT Review of Personal Current Accounts
  • Brief #4229/05/2013
    Entering Uncharted Territory: the Commission’s thinking on territorial supply constraints
  • Brief #4118/03/2013
    Do efficiencies ever deliver? Lessons from the UPS/TNT case
  • Brief #4023/11/2012
    Another Fine Mess: OFT proposals pave the way to effects-based analysis of competition law penalties
  • Brief #3924/05/2012
    Roll on demand estimation: the EC’s empirical analysis in Unilever/Sara Lee
  • Brief #3818/01/2012
    The OFT Tobacco Investigation: a case of smoke without fire
  • Brief #3709/09/2011
    Pass-on in Damages Assessment: defence or offence?
  • Brief #3603/03/2011
    Road-testing UPP: the Zipcar/Streetcar merger
  • Brief #3528/10/2010
    Keeping Track of Static and Dynamic Incentives: The Australian approach to essential facilities
  • Brief #3130/09/2008
    Catch-22: The role for economics in the assessment of information exchanges under Article 81
  • Brief #3230/09/2008
    Nokia/NAVTEQ – navigating the non-horizontal merger guidelines
  • Brief #3330/09/2008
    A matter of ups and downs: the competitive assessment of fuel price dynamics
  • Brief #3430/09/2008
    The EU Commission’s Proposals for Regulating New Car Sales: Article 101 meets Economics 1.01
  • Brief #3026/09/2008
    When One is Enough? – Effects-based and efficiencies analyses in practice
  • Brief #2921/09/2008
    Crime and Punishment (and Deterrence) – the role of private cartel damages actions
  • Brief #2815/09/2008
    Sending the Right Signal
  • Brief #2707/09/2008
    Grand Theft Antitrust: Lessons from the GAME/Gamestation transaction
  • Brief #2602/06/2008
    Google/DoubleClick: The search for a theory of harm
  • Brief #2527/05/2008
    Two Sides to Every Story? Lessons from the Travelport/Worldspan EC case
  • Brief #2431/12/2007
    The CC’s Northern Ireland Banking Market Investigation – an absence of effective regulation?
  • Brief #2317/09/2007
    Svitzer/Adsteam: Assessing unilateral effects when monopolists merge
  • Brief #2212/07/2007
    (Fore)closing the Gap: The Commission’s Draft Non-Horizontal Merger Guidelines
  • Brief #2104/02/2007
    Tomra: rolling back form-based analysis of rebates?
  • Brief #2030/09/2006
    Making market definition work: the case of telecoms (de)regulation
  • Brief #1925/06/2006
    Lost in Translation: The use and abuse of diversion ratios in unilateral effects analysis
  • Brief #1824/03/2006
    Turning the Tables: Why Vertical and Conglomerate Mergers are Different
  • Brief #1721/08/2005
    The Need for Reality Checks: An example from the Netherlands
  • Brief #1615/01/2005
    Tying and bundling – cause for complaint?
  • Brief #1421/05/2004
    Assessing Unilateral Effects in Practice: Lessons from GE/Instrumentarium
  • Brief #1315/02/2004
    The special responsibility of dominant firms under Article 82: don’t compete on price
  • Brief #1204/01/2004
    The Emperor’s New Clothes? – the role of merger simulation models
  • Brief #1130/10/2003
    Goldilocks and the three bears – the story of market definition and the cruise mergers
  • Brief #1027/07/2003
    The Genzyme Case and the OFT’s Margin Squeeze Muddle
  • Brief #0923/06/2003
    Fine in Theory
  • Brief #0814/04/2003
    Ringing the changes – The New Approach to Telecommunications Regulation
  • Brief #0727/11/2002
    Full Marks? The Draft EC Notice on the Appraisal of Horizontal Mergers
  • Brief 0615/11/2002
    Switching Costs and Merger Assessment – don’t move the goalposts
  • Brief #0507/09/2002
    Excess Pricing in the Napp Chapter II Case – how much is too much?
  • Brief #0416/08/2002
    Pro-Competitive Exclusive Supply Agreements: How Refreshing!
  • Brief #0310/07/2002
    The Treatment of Captive Sales in Market Definition – Rules or Reason?
  • Brief #0205/06/2002
    Airtours/First Choice: CFI Holds Commission to Account
  • Brief #0101/05/2002
    A Bridge Too Far? – Complements, Substitutes and Theories of Exclusion in EC Merger Control

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