We apply our expertise as economists to address real world questions.

Our economists strive to understand how competition works in the specific circumstances of each case. This allows us to identify which theories and assumptions are credible and what evidence truly matters.

Stimulating, challenging, rewarding

We develop our staff at all levels, not only as economists but also as managers of projects and people.

We welcome new ideas and are strong believers in collegiality. Our staff support each other throughout their careers.

Our staff frequently spend time in other RBB offices to gain valuable experience of working in another country and to help us stay connected as a company.

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Open positions

We welcome job applications all year round from those with a passion for competition economics and offer opportunities at every level of our organisation.
  • Internships

    3-6 Month Placement

    All locations

    Company Description

    RBB Economics is an independent economics consultancy, focusing solely on competition law matters. We are one of the world’s leading competition economics practices, with 14 offices globally. Our work concerns all aspects of competition economics including mergers and acquisitions, market investigations, abuses of dominance, vertical agreements, joint ventures and collusive practices. We provide high quality, professional, independent advice, through the application of the latest advances in economic theory and econometric techniques.


    We offer 3-6 month internships to candidates who might be thinking about a career in competition economics once their studies are over. These internships can be taken up at any of our offices. They usually last three months during the summer but we are also open to longer placements, including at other times of the year. On a number of occasions, these internships have resulted in permanent positions either at the conclusion of the placement or on completion of studies.


    We accept applications from economics students who are in their penultimate or final year of studies and who have an interest in microeconomics, industrial organisation or econometrics.

    What we offer you

    • Challenging and stimulating projects across a wide range of industries
    • On the job learning and development combined with formal training in empirical and theoretical techniques relevant to competition economics
    • Career progression and career enhancing skills such as drafting and attending client meetings
    • Competitive salary
    • Supportive and encouraging environment
    • A sociable, fun and enjoyable place to work, where you'll make friends for life
  • Entry level

    Full Time

    All locations

    Company Description

    RBB Economics is an independent economics consultancy, focusing solely on competition law matters. We are one of the world’s leading competition economics practices, with 14 offices globally. Our work concerns all aspects of competition economics including mergers and acquisitions, market investigations, abuses of dominance, vertical agreements, joint ventures and collusive practices. We provide high quality, professional, independent advice, through the application of the latest advances in economic theory and econometric techniques.


    As an Associate you’ll work in multinational teams with early opportunities to interact directly with clients, legal advisors and competition authorities. Your role will include:

    • Researching and evaluating key industry dynamics, trends and market structures
    • Programming, model building, and regression analysis in statistical analysis programs
    • Applying quantitative and qualitative techniques to analytical problems
    • Reviewing competition cases and related articles
    • Providing general consulting, advice and assistance
    • Drafting sections of reports and attending meetings with clients (both in person and virtually)


    • A degree in economics, preferably to Masters level
    • Must have an interest in microeconomics, industrial organisation or econometrics
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Able to meet multiple deadlines and work with multi-faceted and demanding clients

    What we offer you

    • Challenging and stimulating projects across a wide range of industries
    • On the job learning and development combined with formal training in empirical and theoretical techniques relevant to competition economics
    • Career progression and career enhancing skills
    • Competitive salary and bonus package
    • Supportive and encouraging environment
    • A sociable, fun and enjoyable place to work, where you'll make friends for life
  • Senior level

    Full Time

    All locations

    Company Description

    RBB Economics is an independent economics consultancy, focusing solely on competition law matters. We are one of the world’s leading competition economics practices, with 14 offices globally. Our work concerns all aspects of competition economics including mergers and acquisitions, market investigations, abuses of dominance, vertical agreements, joint ventures and collusive practices. We provide high quality, professional, independent advice, through the application of the latest advances in economic theory and econometric techniques.


    If you have more than two years’ experience please send a covering letter and your CV via the button below.


We look forward to meeting you during the interview process. To help answer some of your questions about our company, please see the following insights from our staff about what it is like to work at RBB. Further details about our culture can be found on our LinkedIn Life page.
  • Silvia Bugada



    On my first day, I was welcomed by the strong sense of community and collaboration of the Brussels office, as well as by its friendly and informal atmosphere. Social events are regularly organised, and we very often have breakfast or lunch all together in the office kitchen. Moments like these made it easy for me to integrate and to start feeling part of the team, which was something I really valued given that I was completely new to the city.

    Silvia joined RBB as an associate in September 2022, following a six-month internship in RBB’s Brussels office.

    “During my Economics Masters in Milan, I had the opportunity to take a couple of courses in Industrial Organizations and Competition Policy. It was thanks to those that I realised how much I was interested in competition economics and eventually decided to go into consulting. I really appreciated RBB’s focus on competition economics and thus, at the end of my Masters, I applied for a six-months internship. A few months later, I joined RBB’s Brussels office.

    During my internship, I was exposed to a diverse set of projects, and I had the opportunity to work with people from many other RBB offices. I was often given challenging tasks that pushed me outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to learn a lot. What made my experience even more fulfilling was that the senior staff frequently sought my opinion and perspective. I found it very inspiring to work in an environment in which everyone’s contributions were valued, regardless of their level of experience.

    Given the overwhelmingly positive experience I had, it was an easy decision for me to apply for a full-time position. Since joining RBB as an Associate, I have been able to take on more responsibility and to work more closely with clients. Now I look forward to continuing my professional development within RBB, and to contributing to the firm’s success in the future.”

  • Remi Chopra



    I felt instantly welcomed before I even joined RBB as my interviewers were engaged and supportive, which made the interview experience feel more like a relaxed one-on-one class.

    Remi joined RBB in September 2021 after graduating from the University of Oxford.

    The feeling of being part of a supportive team continued after I joined, despite having to work from home as a result of the pandemic, as I was in daily calls with my buddy and others working on my projects.  The subsequent change to working three days a week in the office also helped my transition into RBB as I got to know everyone by going to informal social events, such as quiz nights and Thursday drinks, and more formal occasions, such as Christmas parties and the companywide off-site to Bournemouth.  In fact, I became one of RBB’s social secretaries, and I have helped organise various social events for the London office with past examples including bowling and crazy golf.

    In my first two years at RBB, I have benefited from a very well-structured training programme at RBB, covering both theory and data analysis.  I have also been lucky enough to have been given substantial responsibility on extremely interesting projects for well-known companies, such as leading beverages companies, car manufacturers, and Big Tech firms.  Further, my work on both the applied and theoretical aspects of these cases fed into a desire to study a Masters in Economics, which I had not completed before joining RBB.  For example, in my dissertation, I want to explore theoretical concepts that I have engaged with during my time at RBB which have not been investigated in detail academically.

    RBB has been incredibly supportive and encouraged this choice by helping with references and most importantly funding.  I had always wanted to study a Masters in Economics at LSE but the high fees were off-putting.  Despite this, RBB was flexible and sponsored me so that I could study at the university of my choice.  I greatly appreciate RBB for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to applying what I learn during my Masters once I return.

  • Rirhandzu Mabunda

    Senior Associate


    I have had the pleasure of working on a diverse range of cases, including those beyond the borders of South Africa. Collaborating with teams spread across our global offices has allowed me to broaden my horizons and gain insights into various jurisdictions and their specific competition law challenges. This exposure has been instrumental in my professional development.

    Rirhandzu joined the Johannesburg office in May 2021, after a year and a half of working at the Competition Commission of South Africa.

    "I got to know about RBB through one of the merger cases I worked on at the Competition Commission. I was extremely impressed with the economic report prepared by RBB, so I decided to do some research on the firm. When I made the decision to transition into consulting, I sought an organisation that not only excelled in competition economics but also provided a welcoming and supportive environment. I found exactly that at RBB.

    From the moment I joined the firm, I was warmly welcomed into the office by my colleagues, who have consistently demonstrated their commitment to teamwork and collaboration. Our inclusive and friendly atmosphere fosters a sense of belonging.

    One memorable experience at RBB was the associates off-site, where all associates from different parts of the world came together to engage in team-building activities, learn about the history of RBB, and discuss some of the prominent cases the firm has worked on. I got to work at the London office for a week, which was very exciting because it was my first time in the UK!

    I am truly grateful to be part of the RBB family. Everyone is invested in your development and is always happy to assist. Our personal and professional growth is not only encouraged but celebrated, which shows how valued each employee is."

  • Oula Heikka

    Senior Associate


    I am happy to say it is not all work and no play at RBB. At a Christmas party in London and at an off-site weekend in Bournemouth I got to meet colleagues from all the other RBB locations. It is great to really get to know the people you work with daily in other offices, it really does make RBB feel like one big firm that just happens to be split across 14 offices.

    Oula joined RBB in 2022, having previously worked at the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

    “I started at RBB after a year and half at the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. For me the move to the private sector meant possibly taking a very different perspective to some familiar questions. Before starting and even for a short while after my first day, I felt a little uncertain about the move, what would working in economic consultancy mean in practice, would I have to compromise on professional integrity in favour of clients? Now I’m very happy to say that those doubts vanished very quickly, and at RBB I can stand proudly behind the work I do together with my colleagues.

    While I joined RBB to be part of the new Helsinki office, I didn’t actually start my RBB journey there! I first spent about six months in Brussels, where I was warmly welcomed by my new colleagues. My time in Brussels was a great induction to the firm and the industry. I am happy to have had the opportunity to spend time in a lively office with great colleagues, including other recent starters who could guide me through the new joiner experiences and partners who had a wealth of experience to share.

    Now I’m back to Helsinki where we have just opened the new RBB premises. It is a very exciting time and I really feel like I can make an impact, whether it is by figuring out our new ways to work at the office, setting up the office space itself, or by participating in industry events as one of the local faces of RBB. I’m looking forward to the next steps here in Helsinki, to strengthen our presence in the Finnish competition scene as well as increase our numbers by recruiting a few more inquisitive and motivated economists. And I can’t wait to organise our first local social event, ice swimming anyone?”

  • Jasmine Peng

    Associate Principal


    After internships in asset management and economic consulting, I began to develop an interest in more specific areas – particularly competition economics and related subjects like microeconomics, industrial organisation and econometrics. Joining RBB has given me the opportunity to build on my knowledge of economic theory and practice, giving it the real world context needed to solve challenging business problems.

    Jasmine joined the London office in October 2018, after graduating from the University of Cambridge with a Masters in Economics.

    “During my Masters, I attended a presentation by RBB, introducing recent cases and giving background to the day-to-day working of the firm. Afterwards, I had the chance to chat with the presenters and, along with my classmates, engage in some lively debate and discussion. This experience was typical of the friendly and collaborative environment I’ve come to know since starting here – where any questions can be asked and my opinion is always welcomed.

    Once I’d decided to apply for a role at RBB, the interview process was smooth and swift, and I also got a lot of help with my visa application. Before starting, I was invited to an informal lunch. Getting to know some of my colleagues in a more relaxed setting really helped my first day seem less daunting. The office is very sociable. Coming from China and settling into life in a new city, I really value the close connections with my colleagues.

    In your first year, there’s a comprehensive training programme combined with on-the-job development – so you start working on high profile, interesting cases straightaway. There’s a variety of tasks covering both empirical analysis and theory. The type of work depends on the case, but you get a good mix of different cases in your first two years. RBB believes in developing its staff quickly and promoting them as soon as they’re ready.

    I have had the opportunity to work on varied cases across a range of industries and senior team members are both trusting of my contribution and supportive when I need it. Working on a Chinese case, with a smaller team, has been a particularly rewarding challenge for me. I have been fully involved in all aspects of the project from data analysis, drafting, external communications, to the overall strategy – it’s exciting to see all the pieces coming together.”

  • Michaela Wilson

    Associate Principal


    Interviewing at RBB was the first time I’d met a female partner at an economics firm. It was really refreshing. Overall, the gender split here is good compared to the industry standard and makes a real difference to the working culture.

    Michaela joined the London office in February 2019, after two years working with another consultancy.

    “I entered my previous role straight after graduating from Queen Mary, where I studied for a Masters in Law and Economics. It was this quite unique course which initially drew me here from South Africa.

    My first role gave me a huge amount of practical experience, but I soon realised I wanted to work at a firm where I’d be exposed to higher profile clients and cases. Due to an interest in competition economics, RBB had long been on my radar – and I’d followed the work of its partners, who are so well established and respected in this area. Sending in my CV felt like the obvious next step, and just over a month later, I started my role here.

    Over the past four years, I’ve been involved in a real spectrum of cases – including mergers, cartels, litigation and abuse of dominance. Working on high-profile mergers and learning about how these businesses operate has been a highlight, though I have also particularly enjoyed litigation cases, which are great opportunities to apply theoretical economics to real-life scenarios.

    RBB’s culture is welcoming and collegial, whether in terms of social events (like the RBB ski trip!) or the day-to-day case work. Truly one of the nicest things about working here is the generosity of my colleagues – with both their time and experience. Everyone, including the partners, is always open to offer support and share their knowledge. Conversely, I feel part of the discussion around the strategic direction of cases and know that my own opinions and insights are always valued.”

  • Dean Curry



    At RBB, there’s scope to work in different offices around the world. I’d always wanted to gain experience of working abroad and am grateful to RBB for the opportunity to work in its Madrid office.

    Dean joined RBB in January 2013, straight out of university following an undergraduate degree in economics.

    “From the moment I joined RBB, I was very keen on the idea of doing a sponsored Masters. The firm had been clear that this was an option, and within a month of me sending a formal enquiry by email, it was confirmed: I would be completing a one-year Masters in Economics on an English-taught course in Barcelona.

    The year abroad was amazing. The course itself involved a lot of group work with people of different nationalities and backgrounds, which meant everyone had to become very adept at explaining economic theories and arguments. It built on and enhanced my undergraduate learning, and enabled me to acquire new cultural and professional insights. I also learned a new language. It was a deeply enriching experience on a number of levels.

    Returning to RBB, I immediately felt more confident in my day-to-day dealings with colleagues and clients. And six months after I got back, I was promoted – it wasn’t all down to the Masters, but I think the confidence it gave me definitely helped.

    Without doubt, studying and working abroad broadens your horizons. I have now gone back to Spain to work in RBB’s Madrid office. I’m not the only one to have spent time in more than one of RBB’s offices – we’ve seen staff moves from Johannesburg to Australia, Australia to London, London to Paris, Paris to Brussels, Brussels to Helsinki, and many more! I’m very grateful to RBB not only for sponsoring my studies but also their flexibility and support when I moved to Spain.”

  • Laure Schulz



    RBB has a really good reputation in France and in Europe. Before joining RBB, I’d read many of their reports and interacted with their people and was impressed with what I’d seen. So, when a position came up with the firm, I jumped at it.

    Recruited from the French Competition Authority (FCA), Laure joined RBB in April 2016 to help set up and run the firm’s Paris office.

    “Before joining RBB, I worked in competition economics for a Paris-based consultancy and then for the FCA. When I heard that RBB was opening an office in Paris, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me – a chance to work on a wider variety of European cases and to import know-how from these to the analysis of French cases.

    I had a lot of responsibility at the FCA handling cases and drafting reports published by the FCA or the OECD. I also used to work closely with lawyers. This experience has translated well to my role at RBB, helping me to explain, clearly and precisely, complex economic reasoning to non-economists.

    Because RBB has always been well established in the French market, my role in Paris was not to build the firm’s reputation from scratch, but more to expand our contacts and capacity. We have now built a broad team that can deliver successful outcomes across French and European caseloads. We have a friendly and vibrant office in Paris but feel an integral part of the wider firm. Our case mix and networking events mean we get to work and socialise with colleagues in other offices. The firm is very interconnected, so we work and interact with a great variety of people.

    And I’ve been able to manage my work-life balance well. I’ve had two children since joining RBB. It’s possible to do a great job and be a great mum at the same time!”

  • Joan de Solà-Morales



    For someone interested in competition economics, RBB is the place to be. Since joining, I’ve worked across many different sectors and directed the economic thinking on high-profile cases before the European Commission and other competition authorities. Here you get involved in interesting leading cases from the beginning.  It’s a dynamic environment where you’re encouraged to grow quickly and given support throughout your career from associate to partner.

    Joan joined RBB in 2011, having previously worked for the economics-focused think tank Bruegel.

    “At RBB, career development can be very swift. From the start, you’re directly involved in discussions with partners, clients and lawyers. Gaining such valuable early exposure certainly accelerates your learning. The firm’s flat structure also means you work with colleagues at all levels.

    When I started, I focused more on data analysis and commentary. I then turned to managing the day-to-day development of cases, writing reports and maintaining regular contact with clients and lawyers. Now I direct the economic analysis on high-profile cases before the European Commission. All through this process I was allowed to find my own path, while receiving guidance and encouragement from senior colleagues.

    I particularly enjoy that there’s no such thing as a typical day here. The sectors we work in change constantly, so no matter how senior you are you’ll always be challenged intellectually. In my experience, working with motivated people in an ambitious, flexible and friendly environment is what makes RBB such a rewarding place to work.”

  • Yan Yu


    Melbourne & Singapore

    Following my international transfer from London to Melbourne, I’ve been helping RBB explore emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region. In China, it’s all about developing the market for high-quality competition economic analyses and we have established RBB’s reputation and prospects in the market. To be given the responsibility and trust to break new ground overseas, has been really challenging and exciting.

    Yan worked in the London office for several years before moving to Australia in 2008.

    “Once I’d expressed a desire to move abroad, the firm was quick to approve my transfer, which is something that might not happen in a larger organisation. In fact, the move was seen as a great opportunity for RBB to tap into China and other Asian markets, and I was given the green light to help set up a new office in Melbourne.

    The firm was hugely supportive during the transition, and we quickly recruited a local partner and began to establish ourselves in the region. Of course, I continue to work closely with my colleagues in other offices around the world, following RBB’s integrated model whereby we all collaborate across projects and time zones.

    Such a major relocation definitely has its challenges, but overall it has been a really valuable experience. The chance to gain exposure to new overseas clients, authorities and jurisdictions has been beneficial in terms of my professional development. I particularly like the scope and complexity of the work out here, and the idea that we’re expanding into new markets with long-term future potential is very satisfying indeed. Singapore is next on my list!”

  • Enrique Cañizares



    RBB’s reputation for specialism and excellence was of course a major draw for me. But it was the challenge of starting up a new operation and helping to build the firm’s presence in the domestic Spanish market that I found really exciting.

    Recruited from a competitor firm in 2013, Enrique set up the RBB office in Madrid.

    “I always wanted to work for a specialist firm, and RBB are exactly that. I’d been at a larger competitor company, but they lacked that sharp niche focus. RBB are the leaders in their field, the very best at what they do, and I really wanted to be part of that.

    The opportunity to help a firm like RBB establish its reputation in Spain was also very attractive. Focusing on domestic clients, I’ve been building up the RBB offer here, integrating my past experience with the insight and knowledge of my RBB colleagues.

    We now have an established local team in Madrid, and we get a lot of support from the other RBB offices as we operate as an integrated firm on a worldwide level. It’s this level of seamless collaboration which really makes a difference; the ability to share expertise and competencies across borders has helped us to develop a really powerful proposition in Spain.”

  • Adrian Majumdar

    Managing Partner


    I was attracted to RBB by its style: excellent economics, cutting edge empirical analysis, compelling drafting, and a focus on what matters. The people are great fun too!

    Adrian joined RBB in 2004, prior to which he was the Acting Chief Economist at the Office of Fair Trading, the forerunner of the Competition and Markets Authority in the UK.

    “The quality of work I saw from RBB staff was impressive and the people were always easy to get along with – this made joining RBB an easy decision.

    I’ve now been with the firm for 20 years. We believe our collegial approach and passion for staff development is a competitive advantage. We promote based on merit – there’s not a limit to the number of staff we have at any level. We train our staff to have first rate consultancy skills and become excellent applied competition economists. That allows us to give our clients the best prospect of success.“