Miguel de la Mano

Brussels and Madrid

+34 652321091

+32 498965926

Miguel de la Mano is a Partner at RBB Economics. He has over 20 years of experience in providing expert economic advice in competition law matters.

Prior to entering private practice in 2015, Miguel served as Deputy Chief Economist for DG COMP and Acting Chief Economist for the UK CC. As a member of the first Chief Economist Team (set up in 2003), he co-drafted guidelines setting out the European Commission’s analytical framework on merger control (HME and NHME), vertical and horizontal agreements (Article 101) as well as single firm conduct (Article 102). He also co-drafted “guidelines on the submission of economic evidence” for DG COMP and the “new market investigation guidelines” for the former UK Competition Commission.

At the EU and UK agencies, he advised on several hundred cases covering horizontal and vertical mergers, abuse investigations, cartels, vertical agreements, and market inquiries. In private practice, he has assisted high-profile clients in over 60 competition and litigation cases before competition authorities and courts around the world. He regularly provides compliance advice in all areas of competition enforcement.

He has published widely including reports and articles on market definition, non-horizontal mergers, abuse of dominance, information exchange, cartel damages and vertical restraints. He teaches competition economics at the Brussels School of Competition and speaks regularly at specialised conferences and events.

He completed graduate studies in economics at the Institute for World Economics in Kiel, Germany, and the European Institute at Saarbrucken University, Germany. He conducted his PhD research at Oxford University.

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