13 December 2023

Is there a place for a market investigation tool in the Nordics?

Inspired by experience in other jurisdictions, the Norwegian government has proposed a new tool in the arsenal of enforcers: the market investigation. Whilst this new instrument could be used to handle competition issues that cannot be resolved with the current competition law instruments, there remains many outstanding questions about the scope of the tool, possible remedies and sanctions. 

Last month in Oslo, RBB Economics co-hosted an evening of discussions on this topic. Joined by panellists Tina Søreide, Director General of the Norwegian Competition Authority, and Jakob Hald, Director General of the Danish Competition Authority, and moderated by RBB's Jan Yngve Sand, the exchange focused on the necessity of a market investigation tool and its broader implications in Europe. 

We would like to share with you a summary article of the key points raised at the event, including the authority’s ability to initiate investigations in markets with limited competition, the potential for mandated remedies, and the possibility of appealing decisions.

Download the summary here.

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