8 September 2006

Court appeal overturns Norwegian predation decision

On 26 July 2006, the Oslo Tingrett (City Court) found that Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) had not engaged in an abuse of a dominant position in its operation of the domestic Oslo-Haugesund route. In an earlier decision, the Konkurransetilsynet - the Norwegian Competition Authority - had ruled that SAS had engaged in predatory pricing against Coast Air, a smaller competitor who had entered and subsequently exited the route, and had fined SAS 20m NOK. However, the Tingrett ruled that SAS’s behaviour did not constitute a plan to eliminate its competitor and also laid aside the fine. RBB Economics advised the Thomessen law firm, external counsel to SAS, throughout the Konkurransetilsynet Court appeal overturns Norwegian predation decision investigation and Derek Ridyard appeared before the Tingrett in the appeal to present expert economic evidence on the case.

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