8 February 2024

Competition issues in AI

Regulators around the world have raised concerns about the role of AI and continue to be vigilant about its potential implications on the economy. The Competition and Markets Authority published its initial review on foundation models in September 2023. The main concerns around the interaction of AI and competition law include algorithms resulting in collusion, exclusionary practices, grandfathering of market power, and M&A transactions involving AI players.

On 20 March RBB's Katie Curry will join industry leaders at the GCR TMT conference in London to consider if it is possible to regulate without stifling innovation. During the session the panel will discuss:

  • Will AI present an opportunity to inject new competition?

  • What is the role of data protection and copyright in AI?

  • What is the role of open source? Is it desirable, can it be preserved and is existing regulatory framework enough?

  • How are competition authorities preparing to address new challenges posed by AI? 

Access the full programme here.

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