Expert, user-friendly advice

We provide our clients with the best prospect of success before competition authorities and courts by understanding the competitive reality of their industries. We combine this with rigorous economic analysis, supported by facts and data, cutting edge techniques, presented in clear and compelling expert reports. Our approach is practical and user-friendly; we prioritise what matters.

Our experience and expertise give our clients the best chance of success

  • Our role as competition experts

    We advise firms involved in competition matters before competition authorities and courts. We identify the substantive issues which determine the outcome of a case and test them against the evidence. We present our analyses in written reports, during meetings with competition authorities, and as expert witnesses in court. We also help clients manage information requests from competition authorities, and to gather the evidence they need for robust risk assessments.
  • Our user-friendly approach

    We work in dedicated teams, which can be flexed up or down quickly to meet the specific needs of each case. We pride ourselves in our user-friendliness. We work closely with our clients and their legal advisors, striving to understand how competition works in our clients’ industries. We do not try to blind our clients or competition authorities with science. We believe that complex economics can always be explained clearly to non-economists, such as judges and other decision makers.

Innovation through diversity

At RBB, our diversity is a core component of our success as global leaders in competition economics. By bringing together a team with a range of backgrounds and experiences, we can approach each challenge with fresh perspectives and novel solutions that reflect the complexities of the real world.

Our history

RBB was established in 2002 by Derek Ridyard, Simon Bishop, and Simon Baker, with the goal of creating a brand that outlasts individuals.

In 2007, RBB transitioned to a partnership, emphasising collegiality and sustainable growth by incentivising experienced partners to support colleagues and the firm’s overall development. Derek, Simon, and Simon significantly influenced the field by championing the use of economics in competition cases, solidifying its central role in the industry.

Starting with just 16 people, including the dearly missed Andrea Lofaro, the firm now boasts over 230 Partners and staff. Despite its growth, RBB retains its startup mentality—making swift decisions, fostering seamless communication across offices, and nurturing a passionate, diverse and collaborative work environment.