Dr David Henriques is a Senior Associate based in RBB’s London office. Prior to joining RBB, he was an economist at Ofcom, the UK’s media and communications regulator and competition authority, for eight years advising on several competition and regulation matters. David specialised in industrial economics during his PhD studies and has expertise in the application of stylized models to assess competition and regulatory issues. He has published articles at the London School of Economics, the European Central Bank, Ofcom and in internationally peerreviewed journals, such as the Review of Network Economics and the Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade.

David has advised on a variety of high-profile competition and regulatory projects, for example: the UK 5G auction that concluded in 2018 with £1.4 bn of revenue, and the design of access price controls for superfast broadband in the UK. He has specialist expertise in auction design and price control design.

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