Vertical Agreements

Our economists’ experience includes supporting the owners of some of the best known brands in defending their distribution and retailing arrangements. We have also advised on vertical agreements in a wide range of industrial sectors, in entertainment and in distribution.

Our experience in the field of vertical agreements includes supporting the owners of some of the best known brands in defending their distribution and retailing arrangements, whether in-house, exclusive, or selective in nature. In addition, we have analysed the competition consequences of various intellectual property licensing regimes in a wide variety of commercial and sector contexts.

Vertical Agreements case studies

Imperial Tobacco (2011)

RBB Economics advised Imperial during the OFT investigation and Competition Appeal Tribunal hearings into its retail agreements – CAT Case No. 1160/1/1/10

Royal Canin (2011)

RBB Economics advised Royal Canin/Mars in the investigation by the French Competition Authority of vertical agreements such as RPM, territorial exclusivity, customer exclusivity and single-branding – French Competition Authority decision No. 12-D-10

Heineken (2007)

RBB Economics advised Heineken during the European Commission investigations of its distribution arrangements in various countries – EC Case No.37766

Race Course Association (RCA) (2005)

RBB Economics advised ATR on the collective selling of data rights during the UK OFT investigation of the British Horse Racing Board – CA98/2/2004

Hasbro (2003)

RBB Economics advised Hasbro during the UK OFT investigations into restrictive arrangements in the wholesaling and retailing of toys and games – OFT Case No. CA98/8/2003

Shell (2002)

RBB Economics advised Shell during an investigation by the Dutch NMa into the provision of margin support for independent petrol stations – Case closed