Sector Enquiries

In some jurisdictions, the authorities have the power to investigate an entire market or sector, and we have worked on many such investigations, usually with market-leading firms. Through this work we help the authorities to identify whether competition is working effectively and, where not, whether this is an intrinsic and unavoidable feature of the market, the result of the commercial conduct of one or more firms, or the by-product of the legal and regulatory regime under which they operate.

Sector Enquiries case studies

Aggregates, Ready-Mix Concrete and Cement, UK (2012)

RBB Economics advised both Lafarge and Tarmac during the UK Competition Commission market inquiry into the supply of aggregates, cement, and ready mixed concrete – Aggregates, Cement, and Ready-Mixed Concrete market investigation, Competition Commission

Local Bus Services, UK (2011)

RBB Economics advised The Go Ahead Group during the UK Competition Commission’s investigation into Local Bus Services in the UK – Local bus services market investigation, Competition Commission

Grocery Retail, South Africa (2010)

RBB Economics advised Woolworths during the South African Competition Commission’s investigation into grocery retailing in South Africa

Banking, South Africa (2008)

RBB Economics provided advice to First National Bank (FNB) throughout the South African Competition Tribunal investigation of the banking sector – Banking Enquiry of the Competition Commission of South Africa

Payment Protection Insurance, UK (2007)

RBB Economics advised HBOS during the UK Competition Commission’s investigation into payment protection insurance

Groceries, UK (2006)

RBB Economics advised Sainsbury’s during the UK Competition Commission investigation into grocery retailing, the subsequent appeal, and its re-investigation