State Aid

RBB has assisted a number of firms across a range of sectors in the area of State aid, including the financial sector. There is increasing emphasis on economic aspects of the assessment of State aid measures by the European Commission. This includes issues such as the conformity of state investments with the Market Economy Investor Principle, the assessment of competitive effects, and the design of appropriate compensatory measures to counterbalance such effects. The latter has been particularly relevant in the context of the global financial crisis, which has resulted in a large number of State aid procedures in the financial sector.

State Aid case studies

Glasvezelnet Amsterdam (2007)

RBB Economics advised cable operator UPC in its complaint against the participation of the municipality of Amsterdam in a local fiber to the home project – Decision C 53/2006 of 11 December 2007

Financial Crisis (2008-2012)

RBB Economics advised a number of financial institutions in the context of State aid granted to remedy the effects of the financial crisis in Europe on banks and insurers