Litigation and Damages

The testimony of our experts has been regularly used in litigation proceedings before the courts involving claimed or decided breaches of competition law, in arbitration cases and in reaching out-of-court settlements.

Our reports and the testimony of our experts have been regularly used in litigation proceedings before specialists and general courts. These proceedings involve claimed or decided breaches of competition law, arbitration cases, and out-of-court settlements.

Litigation and Damages case studies

South African Airways (2012)

RBB advised South African Airways in relation to damage claims before the South African High Court arising from an abuse of dominance investigation regarding the incentive arrangements offered to travel agents

Imperial Tobacco (2011)

RBB Economics advised Imperial during the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal hearings into its retail agreements – CAT Case No. 1160/1/1/10

Ofcom/BSkyB (2011)

RBB Economics presented expert economic advice at the UK Competition Appeals Tribunal on behalf of the English Premier League, regarding wholesale of premium sports rights

London Stock Exchange (LSE) v PLUS Markets (2009)

RBB Economics acted for PLUS Markets in its competition-related litigation against the LSE – Case settled

Virgin Media v BSkyB (2008)

RBB Economics advised Virgin Media during its competition-related litigation against BSkyB – Case settled

British Phonographic Institute (BPI) (2007)

RBB Economics advised BPI during the UK Copyright Tribunal investigation into the royalties paid for selling music downloads – Copyright Tribunal Case No.CT84-90/05

FHH v EWS (2007)

RBB advised FHH in relation to a damage claim before the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal, following a 2006 finding by the UK rail regulator that EWS abused its dominant position by entering into exclusionary contracts, discriminating against ECSL and engaging in predatory pricing – Case settled

Generics UK v UK Department of Health (2005)

RBB Economics advised Generics UK during competition-related litigation brought against it by the UK Department of Health – Case settled

Days Medical Aids (DMA) v Pihsiang (2004)

RBB Economics advised DMA and acted as economic experts in competition litigation before the English High Court – High Court Case No: 2002 Folio 178 [2004] EWHC 44 (Comm)

SAMPRA (2011)

RBB Economics advised the South African Music Performance Rights Association (SAMPRA) in relation to its dispute with radio broadcasters over the royalties broadcasters were required to pay SAMPRA in return for playing music. This included providing expert witness testimony before the South African Copyright Tribunal