Cartels and Horizontal Agreements

Analysis prepared by our economists has been deployed in EC and domestic cartel cases, as well as in other cases involving horizontal agreements, such as collaborative joint ventures and the collective selling of sports rights

Cartels and Horizontal Agreements case studies

Freight Forwarding (2012)

RBB Economics advised Panalpina during the European Commission’s cartel investigation in relation to freight forwarding – EC Case No. COMP/39462

Wire Mesh (2011)

RBB Economics advised Aveng during the SA Competition Tribunal hearing into alleged coordination in the supply of reinforcing wire mesh in South Africa – SA CT Case No.8/CR/Feb11

Refrigeration Compressors (2011)

RBB Economics advised Danfoss, a major producer of refrigeration compressors, in relation to the European Commission’s investigation into alleged collusive behaviour. The case was settled in December 2011 – EC Case No. COMP/39600

Bathroom Fittings (2011)

RBB Economics advised Sanitec in relation to the European Commission’s investigation into alleged coordination in the supply of bathroom fixtures and fittings – EC Case No. COMP/39092

LCD (2010)

RBB advised one of the manufacturers in the LCD industry during the European Commission’s cartel investigation – EC Case no COMP/39309

Temporary workers (2009)

RBB Economics advised Vedior (now Randstad) in relation to the investigation by the French Competition Council into alleged collusion between temporary worker agents – French Competition Council decision No, 09-D-05

Motor Fuels (2008)

RBB Economics advised Shell during a 2007 investigation by the Greek Competition Authority into alleged coordination in the supply of motor fuels – Hellenic Competition Authority Case No.421/V/2008

Banana Importers (2008)

RBB advised Fyffes/Interweichert, one of the major banana importers in the EU, in the Article 101 investigation of alleged coordinated behaviour achieved through bilateral exchanges of information. RBB experts prepared a report providing extensive empirical analysis and also provided oral evidence at the Commission’s Hearing on this matter. The Commission’s decision on this case was issued in October 2008 – EC Case No. COMP/39188

Milk (2008)

RBB advised J Sainsbury’s, one of the major UK grocery retailers, in connection with an investigation by the OFT into cartel activity in the setting of retail and wholesale milk prices in the UK. Sainsbury’s reached a settlement with the OFT

Jet Fuel (2006)

RBB Economics advised Total during the investigation by the Italian competition authorities into an alleged cartel in the supply of jet fuel – Italian Competition Authority Press Release 20 June 2006

Carbonless Paper (2002)

RBB Economics advised Arjowiggins during its appeal to the CFI of the European Commission findings in its investigation of alleged cartel conduct in the supply of carbonless paper – EC Case No. COMP/36212

Cement (2012)

RBB advised AfriSam throughout the South African Competition Commission’s three year investigation into alleged coordination amongst the major cement producers in South Africa, and the information exchanges that had taken place between these participants – Case settled